Inviteswe are on G1 training in ERGON Personnel Training Center - with us, you can obtain electrical qualifications in category 1 and start working in the profession.

We provide professional and comprehensive service - thanks to many years of experience, we know how to guarantee our clients the highest level of education.

The aim of the presented course is to prepare participants to take the qualifying exam on 1 kV category electrical qualifications. The preparation course for the exam for the qualifications in the field of operation, maintenance, repairs, assembly, control and measurement works of installations, networks and energy devices from group 1 provides participants with complete knowledge.

During the classes, issues such as:

  • construction and operation of devices, networks and power installations
  • electric shock protection
  • use of control and measurement equipment
  • principles of rational and safe use of devices, networks and power installations

In order to be eligible for 1kV, you must take an exam that checks the knowledge possessed by the student.

Examples of certification committees

CommitteeFull commission nave
PSEPolish Electrical Installation Association
VULTUREAssociation of Polish Electrical Engineers
SITPS OR SITSpożAssociation of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians
SIMPAssociation of Polish Mechanical Engineers

ERGON comprehensively prepares you for the exam in every institution of certification committees that issue authorizations for electricians.
The examination may be conducted in front of a committee appointed by the Polish Association of Polish Electrical Engineers (SEP), as well as in front of committees of such associations as: Polish Electrical Installation Association (PSE), Association of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians (SITPS or SITS FIRE), Association of Polish Mechanics Engineers (SIMP ) and others.

The qualification certificate obtained after successfully passing the exam is valid for a period of 5 years. After this time, you must retake the exam to verify that you meet the eligibility requirements.

To participate in the G1 course you must have:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • at least primary education

We encourage you to check the current dates of classes presented on our website. Detailed information can also be obtained by talking to our specialists. If you have additional questions, we are always at your disposal.

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