Crane operator - prohibited activities

Working as a crane operator requires meeting certain conditions. Compliance with health and safety regulations is particularly important as it can reduce the risk of accidents at work.

A person employed as a crane operator must have UDT qualifications - Office of Technical Inspection. In order to obtain them, you must complete the crane course and pass the exam before the UDT commission.

During the work, the gantry crane must remember to obey the rules of health and safety and UDT. The operator must also be careful not to perform any prohibited activities.

During work, the crane operator is forbidden to:

  • use a defective device or without a valid UDT decision authorizing it to work
  • work under the influence of alcohol, other intoxicants, drugs that may affect psychophysical fitness
  • use damaged or mismatched slings
  • maintain the crane during its operation
  • carry out repairs and adjustments on their own accord
  • lift loads higher than the equipment's allowable capacity
  • lift loads carrying people
  • lift loads beyond the reach of the machine, also by pulling them diagonally
  • lift loads attached to the surface, for example welded, bolted, frozen or buried
  • move loads over people and over workplaces
  • use overload protection when weighing the load
  • leave the load on the gripping device
  • stop tractor, trolley or bridge by running over safety limit switches

People who want to obtain UDT qualifications are invited to the crane course - the price, dates and places of classes are presented on our website. Together with us, you can obtain crane licenses without difficulty. We are available in the city of Warsaw and other cities. If you have any questions, we remain at your disposal.

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