Occupational health and safety training in the provision of position instruction for administrative and clerical workers exposed to arduous agents is intended to familiarise employees with the basic knowledge of health and safety in the workplace. The training is regulated by the workplace - it follows from the Labour Code. The course is provided with the aim of improving and acquiring qualifications for the person who is responsible for safety training in the workplace.  

Thematic scope

Students will be introduced to the applicable topics in order to fully understand the current legislation. Topics such as: 

  • health and safety at work, 
  • direct protective equipment - work clothing, 
  • maintaining order in the workplace, 
  • fire protection, 
  • dealing with threats to health and life, 
  • first aid course
  • obligations and rights of employers and employees, 
  • liability for violations of safety regulations and rules , 
  • moving around within the workplace, 
  • risks to health and life - accidents at work, 
  • application of preventive measures, 
  • safe operation of technical machinery, 
  • the basic steps in organising workplace instruction, 
  • Preparation of teaching materials as required by the workplace and the Labour Code. 

Persons responsible for training in the workplace

group instructor

It is the duty of the employer or manager in the workplace to provide job instruction. Particularly in positions exposed to arduous factors. Instruction is only carried out by qualified persons, including but not limited to: 

  • health and safety staff, 
  • remote workers on contract who perform health and safety service tasks, 
  • Employers performing contracted health and safety services - when they employ 10-50 people, in risk group I - II, 
  • Employees designated by the principals - when they have the required skills and up-to-date certification to provide health and safety instruction, 
  • outsourced companies - employed when the workplace has more than 100 employees. 

Target audience

Standing instruction for administrative and office workers exposed to strenuous agents is always carried out, without exception, prior to starting work. It is required that: 

  • persons newly admitted to the workplace, 
  • students participating in on-site student placements, 
  • current employees following significant updates to workplace health and safety policies, 
  • Employees moving into a new job, following a change in the then. 

Training card 

Dealing with job instructions is also a duty to keep the necessary records at the workplace. Each instruction must be documented on the initial training card. After the training has taken place, the signatures of both trainees and trainers must be collected among the employees. This is regulated by the requirements of the Labour Code. 

Post-course test

At the end of the course for the provision of job-related instruction for administrative and office workers exposed to arduous agents, a competency-based examination - in the form of a written test - is organised. This tests the knowledge acquired during the training. The entire course is supervised by the training organisers. A successful test leads to a certificate - certifying that the trainee is ready to provide on-the-job training in the workplace. 

Where do we train?

ERGON training courses are held in Warsaw. In addition, we have decided to meet the expectations of our clients and carry out training courses at the client's location. 

Other training from ERGON

We present a number of other training courses from our range: 

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  • Forklift trucks - become qualified as an operator. 

Questions and Answers

Does the training conclude with an examination?

Yes, the training concludes with a written test - confirming knowledge and competence to organise training at the workplace. 

Where is the training provided?

We provide health and safety training at our training centre in Warsaw. We also offer the option of training with travel to the client. 

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