test-986769_640Each person who wants to obtain a professional qualification must pass an exam, which is one of the most common ones chosen by specialists today. Our ERGON Personnel Training Center is modern training that is really worth investing in at such a moment. We provide courses that prepare for exams before PSE, SIMP, SITPS committees and many others, which are appointed by the ERO (Energy Regulatory Office). We encourage you to take advantage of our offer and sign up for any convenient professional training.

It is worth knowing that the famous Association of Polish Electrical Engineers was established in the 19th / 20th century. Here, the most important mission is to educate and popularize knowledge in the field of energy. We are also dealing here with the conformity assessment of low voltage electrical products. The Polish Electrical Installation Association, in turn, has been operating since 2007, and was established on the initiative of the largest energy companies in Poland. We also have the Association of Polish Mechanics Engineers and Technicians, which was founded in the 1920s by Professor Henryk Mierzejewski. In addition, we also have the Association of Food Industry Engineers and Technicians, which was established in the 1940s in the previous century.

We encourage you to sign up for our training courses which prepare you for the SEP, PSE, SIMP and SITPS exams. It is a great preparation and practical knowledge that can later be used in your daily work. We also provide sample questions for specific groups: G-1, G-2, G-3.

Today, anyone can gain a professional qualification and enroll in the relevant PSE, SIM, SITPS, and SEP courses. You must apply for the exam with a valid identity document. We have committees all over the country, so you can choose a convenient location. When it comes to the SEP 1 kV exam and many others conducted by PSE, SIMP, SITPS, you must register in writing. All formalities can be arranged through our Center. The fee for the state SEP exam is currently PLN 168 and should be paid before taking the exam. We encourage you to read the details on the website of SEP and other associations.

We also encourage you to learn about sample exam questions.

The information on the website does not constitute an offer. They were presented so that the person undertaking the training could know about the option of obtaining qualifications from electrician training entities throughout Poland.

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