A health and safety inspector is a person who professionally deals with occupational health and safety. Her tasks also include coordination, supervision and other activities related to the state of occupational health and safety in the company, for example, preparation of occupational risk assessments for given positions, risk analysis, post-accident proceedings in the event of an accident at work, preparation of other documents, for compliance with regulations and constant improvement of the level of safety in the workplace.

In order to become an inspector in the field of occupational health and safety, you must complete at least a technical college in a given field, but higher studies in the relevant specialization are optimal, because on this basis you can obtain wider qualifications that grant the title of a specialist.

  • an inspector is a person who has the profession of a technician
  • a senior inspector is a person who has the profession of a technician and has 3 years of practice or higher education or postgraduate studies

When should a health and safety service be established?

Pursuant to the provisions of law, in companies that employ up to 100 people, tasks in the field of occupational health and safety may be entrusted to an external employee. If 100 or more employees are employed, the employer is obliged to establish a health and safety service. Therefore, in smaller companies there is no need to hire inspectors and create an appropriate service. The employer may also independently perform the tasks of the service, if he has completed training. In the event that occupational hazards are identified in the workplace, the labor inspector may order the creation of an appropriate service or an increase in the number of its employees.

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