Every employer who employs at least one employee is obliged to make efforts to ensure that his life and health at the workplace are adequately protected. For this purpose, occupational health and safety regulations are used, which precisely define safe and hygienic working conditions at various types of positions.

Employer's obligations in the field of health and safety:

  • is obliged to protect the health and life of its employees
  • is responsible for the health and safety at work in the workplace
  • must organize work in a manner consistent with the law
  • respond to the needs of employees in this regard
  • take care of the policy of preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • carry out orders, decisions and orders of bodies supervising working conditions
  • provide the employee with information on occupational risks, possible threats to health and life in the workplace and activities aimed at reducing and eliminating them
  • appoint employees to conduct first aid, firefighting and evacuation
  • properly equip workstations and machines
  • indicate a coordinator whose task will be to supervise occupational health and safety
  • provide employees with initial and periodic training
  • provide personal protective equipment, footwear and clothing free of charge

More information on the obligations of companies can be obtained from specialists in this field, including in our company. We always provide you with comprehensive support related to the implementation of obligatory activities in accordance with the law.

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