At the ERGON Personnel Training Center, we offer first aid training at our headquarters in the city of Warsaw and on the move in any place you choose. We conduct a qualified first aid course based on the latest legal regulations. Those of you who want to choose a first aid course are welcome to use our services!

According to Art. 209 § 1 point 2 of the Labor Code, all employers are required to appoint employees who will undergo a first aid course and whose tasks in the workplace will include first aid. On the basis of these regulations, we offer you a first aid training in our Center, which will help you meet the legal requirements presented.

Each "First aid in life and health emergency" classes includes theoretical and practical parts. A specially developed curriculum allows students to get acquainted with all aspects of the topic. During the classes, we use special training equipment, including modern mannequins, including phantoms, thanks to which the qualified first aid course provides participants with complete competences. Experienced lifeguard instructors with many years of experience in the profession watch over the course all the time.

Form of classes: lectures and practical exercises
Duration of classes: 5 lessons of 45 minutes
Place of classes: Warsaw or other places indicated by the client

Standard topics covered in our First Aid courses include:

  • legal aspects
  • the contents of the first aid kit
  • emergency numbers with a description of the rules for calling an ambulance
  • adequate security of the place of the event
  • rules for evacuating the injured
  • presentation of the method of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (checking the basic life activities of the victim, his state of consciousness, principles of heart massage, mouth-to-mouth ventilation)
  • presentation of the method of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in children
  • the rules of positioning the casualty in a safe side position
  • rules related to the treatment of various types of injuries - bleeding, burns, frostbite, fractures, injuries of the abdominal cavity, head, chest, foreign bodies in the wound, traumatic amputation
  • rules of conduct in the following cases - epilepsy, poisoning, fainting, myocardial infarction, choking, electric shock or lightning

Our First Aid course includes the following practical lessons:

  • cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • selection of casualties and organization of evacuation
  • proceedings in traffic accidents
  • determining the safe side position
  • rules of conduct in the case of suspected spine damage
  • proceedings in the case of drowning, fainting, electric shock, choking, epilepsy attacks

We run first aid courses as open - they are available to anyone interested, and also closed - for designated groups of employees or other established groups. In the case of closed groups, we are able to prepare a qualified first aid course individually tailored to the needs of the client. We run courses at our headquarters in the city of Warsaw, but also according to your wishes, we are able to reach the place in the Masovian Voivodeship and all over Poland.

We make sure that the price of our classes is always affordable for you. In the case of organizing training for a larger group, we offer attractive discounts. Please contact us and our employees will prepare a service quote for you. We will also answer all your questions related to the classes.

The classes "First aid in life and health emergency" provide useful skills that are worth knowing, because it is thanks to them that you can help the injured and save lives. With us, you can get to know them comprehensively in theory and in practice, and from specialists in their field.

We invite you to trainings in ours ERGON Personnel Training Center!

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