Nowadays, some of the most popular qualifications are issued to forklift truck operators. However, this is not the only profession possible related to the UDT qualification. Lift truck maintainers are an example. Both people come into contact with the same equipment for which they are responsible. It is often the case that the operator finds the first signs of equipment failure and reports to the maintainer. The latter must have the necessary competence closely related to the operation of the lift and travel systems. In addition to this, he or she must be familiar with the detailed construction of the machines and, above all, know how to repair or replace damaged components in them. Other people in similar industries are, for example, brazers, welders, employees in quality control, technology, heat treatment or plastic processing.

They are also required for handling:

  • cranes
  • platforms of various types
  • building and passenger cranes
  • cranes
  • hoist, winch

The Office of Technical Supervision issues qualification certificates allowing the operation of lift trucks with mechanical lifting. Based on the text of the Act of 21 December 2000 on Technical Supervision and the conditions from the Ordinance of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of 21 May 2019 on the procedure for verifying qualifications required for the operation and maintenance of technical equipment and the manner and procedure for extending the period of validity of qualification certificates.Carrying loads with a forklift truck

Guidelines needed to acquire them:

  • knowledge and skills depending on the type and area of qualification
  • successfully pass the state examination before the UDT commission

The duties according to the institution of the Technical Inspection Authority are based on knowledge:

  • general conditions for safe work
  • operation of gas-powered trucks (LPG)
  • operating instructions (control of the appliance, steps before and after start-up)
  • legislation relating to the operation of the equipment in question
  • types of vehicles in accordance with the entitlements
  • capacity characteristics
  • concepts of stability
  • construction and operation of the device, indicating the individual components
  • emergency and accident procedures
  • specific conditions including working rules (e.g. transport of people in baskets on work platforms)

Where to submit the completed application to check qualifications ?

This can be done at the office of the Technical Inspection Authority or at the nearest local branch. You have to sign up for the exam through a training centre or on your own.

Please note the fee introduced from 11 February 2020, which is PLN 184.43. It is regulated by the Technical Supervision Act art.23 para. 4

What equipment is supervised by the technical supervisor?

  • handling equipment (e.g. overhead travelling cranes, cranes, lift trucks, escalators, moving walkways, goods lifts, hoists, winches, passenger lifts - passenger lifts)
  • jacks
  • cabin and chair conveyors
  • non-pressurised and low-pressure tanks for the storage of hazardous materials (toxic and corrosive) and flammable liquids 

Why us?

Replacing the gas cylinder in the vehicleIf you are looking for solid preparation for your theory and practice exams - we invite you to take the UDT course at our Operator Training Centre (OSO). Thanks to us, you will receive an offer that is tailored to the job in question. You have the option of open (individual) or closed (for groups) training. And we offer attractive prices. We pride ourselves on our course pass rate of 94.21%. After passing the exam, you will receive a certificate confirming the qualifications you have acquired, entitling you to operate the aforementioned equipment.

What do the UDT committees check?

Competence of those who intend to specialise in areas such as:

To get UDT qualifications for these positions, you must enrol in training and pass examinations

Who can sign up for the course?

Only adults whose health condition allows them to perform work at heights. An examination with an occupational physician and a certificate must be provided prior to the training. Participants must have a basic education.

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