Boards can be operated only by persons who have passed the exam and have UDT qualificationsThese classes are intended for people of any skill level when it comes to handling increases. The trainings are organized in groups for beginners and for people who have already dealt with lifts. Participants have the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge and supplement it with practical operating skills. Such preparation allows them not only to take the state examination at the end of the course, but also to start work practically immediately after graduation.

Course: aerial work platforms - course of classes

Theoretical classes are conducted in the form of lectures (also available online - live webinars). Instructors provide knowledge in a way that activates the participants and teach them how to build individual elements of the lifts, use the operating instructions, they inform about safety rules, technical inspection regulations, stability and strength of basket platforms. People who complete the theoretical part can take part in practical classes on the maneuvering yard. Such exercises are an opportunity to learn how to use aerial platforms and to learn about health and safety rules.

The course syllabus for the uplifts complies with the requirements of the UDT and takes into account the material required for the external examination.

Practical information:

  • Duration: the number of hours of classes varies from 10 to about 20, depending on the level of advancement of the participants and the amount of knowledge they need to be taught. The time and scope of the training is agreed and can be extended or shortened according to the needs of the group / student.
  • Requirements: participants are required to have a minimum basic education of at least 18 years of age and health condition that allows them to perform work (a declaration or a certificate from an occupational medicine doctor stating that there are no contraindications to work at height and psychophysical fitness)
  • Location: cities where courses for aerial work platforms are held: Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and other large cities. At the company's request, the Center can organize closed training for its employees.
  • Price Includes: specific number of hours of theory and practice, course materials on an online platform (including tests with sample questions), course completion certificate, refreshments during coffee breaks, taking the exam before the UDT commission

What are the possibilities of the basket lift course?

Aerial platforms are material handling devices that must be operated with a licenseThe training for operators ends with a state examination, which is passed before the commission of the Office of Technical Inspection. This two-part exam (theory and practice) is an essential requirement for those who want to qualify for rises and work with this device.

The qualification certificate issued by UDT is valid for 5 years and gives the possibility of employment as a lift operator. With such qualifications, you can find a job in construction and renovation companies, energy companies and other municipal units, companies specializing in large-format advertising or providing green maintenance services. Qualifications are also necessary when you run your own business that performs work with the use of bores. The certificate issued by UDT should also be presented when the device is rented from the equipment rental.


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