Mountaineering - characteristics 

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Mountaineering is not only about climbing mountains, peaks, often in tough conditions with accompanying danger. It is also a way of working professionally. Industrial mountaineering is work at height, often using rope access techniques. This includes hanging banners, clearing snow from roofs or cleaning windows in office buildings. These risky and difficult jobs require the climber to have very good motor coordination, precision and knowledge of climbing techniques.  

Mountaineering training in rope access techniques. 

Tall structures and unusual designs mean that buildings cannot be handled with mechanised lifts and the work is carried out by expert climbers with rope access technology.   

The ERGON Centre offers you professional mountaineering courses in rope access techniques. Our offer is aimed at people who want to work at heights in their chosen profession.  

During the training, in the theoretical part, the participant is introduced to the following material: 

  • health and safety regulations, as well as the obligations and rights of workers in relation to them,  
  • the risks involved in working at height, 
  • familiarise yourself with the regulations and legal requirements for the safety of mountaineering work, 
  • main features of rope access, 
  • Adaptation, selection and use of accessories in rope access mountaineering, 
  • maintenance and inspection of mountaineering equipment, 
  • methods to reduce occupational risks, 
  • familiarisation with individual and collective protection measures, 
  • types of mountaineering work, 
  • learning to use ropes, 
  • emergency procedures, 
  • familiarise yourself with the documentation (including: evacuation plan and work), 
  • equipment characteristics, 
  • familiarise yourself with the concept of the power triangle. 

The practical part of our course includes: 

  • putting on personal protective equipment, 
  • variety and verification of anchor points, 
  • learning to use the equipment in practice, 
  • coiling, packaging and rope protection options, 
  • tying knots, 
  • ascending and descending on a rope, 
  • lowering and extricating the victim from the apparatus. 

After completing the course and passing the examination, you will receive a certificate. The certificate is valid for 3 years.  

Purpose of the course

The aim of our course is to provide you with the knowledge, skills and also the authorisations to work safely at height using rope access techniques. The candidate will know, among other things, how to belay, ascend and descend from a rope. After our training, it will not be a problem to take basic rescue action when an accident occurs and health or even life is at risk.  

Requirements for participation in our training courses: 

The work of a mountaineer is not an easy job and certainly not everyone is suited to it. A person who wants to work as a mountaineer must meet several requirements: 

  • be of legal age (at least 18 years old), 
  • in very good physical and mental condition, 
  • should be able to withstand severe weather conditions, 
  • be in good health and must not have any medical contraindications to mountaineering work. We are referring here to:  
  1. high blood pressure, 
  2. fainting or epilepsy, 
  3. limb injuries, 
  4. heart disease, 
  5. any chest pains, 
  6. balance disorders, vertigo or fear of heights, 
  7. diabetes and psychiatric disorders, 
  8. addictions to drugs or alcohol. 
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About rope access techniques

Before the times of increasing demand for rope accessThis has its origins in work on oil rigs. Over time, however, the demand for rope access work has grown. Now, workers performing rope access climbing work are in demand almost everywhere. For example, people servicing power lines, repairing telecom antennas or chimneys, painting banners or cleaning windows in high-rise buildings.  

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ERGON Personnel Training Center is already 20 years on the market. Our professionals and experts at the same time are people who do their job with passion, expertly and, most importantly, know how to pass their knowledge to our customers in a reliable and understandable way. You can be sure that our training will prepare you very comprehensively for your future exam, which you will pass, and that the knowledge you gain in our centre will stay with you for many years to come.  

The prices of our course are competitive compared to other providers of similar training on the Polish market. The main training centre is located in Warsaw. We also have one-to-one training at our clients' premises throughout Poland. 

We invite you to browse our website and find out more about the many interesting and necessary courses we have for you. ERGON provides training for many and various professional groups. Among other things, we have courses FireThe training courses include the following: fibre optics welding, high-altitude training, health and safety at work, as well as a wide range of training courses, the completion of which (and the passing of an exam) will provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the needs of your business. UDT qualifications chosen profession.   

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