ERGON Personnel Training Center invites you to a professional altitude course. Our offer is aimed at people who are interested in working at height. The qualification obtained after successfully passing the course makes it possible to find employment as an industrial climber and in many other occupations involving work at height.Altitude courses are divided into two types - rope access and construction access. These are aimed at both employees of companies offering mountaineering services and individuals.

Rope access training

Rope access includes the use of ropes in belaying, in access to the workplace, and on traverses. These classes are aimed at people who want to perform the following duties - tree pruning, tree felling, installation of advertisements and other assembly works, washing windows at heights, removing snow from roofs, painting the facade, servicing masts.

Building access training

Building access, on the other hand, is a technique that applies to work on platforms, scaffolding, ladders, when it is necessary to climb over structural elements in order to get to the workplace. They are aimed at people working in areas such as roofing, telecommunications, construction, and electricity.

After the end of the course, the participants take the exam and, after successfully passing it, receive a certificate confirming their entitlement to height. These rights are valid for a period of 3 years. After the deadline, it is necessary to attend a reminder course.


Our altitude course is comprehensive and includes both theoretical and practical parts. Thanks to this, participants can obtain comprehensive preparation for work at height as an industrial climber.

Classes are conducted by experienced instructors with many years of experience. We use modern and proven teaching methods, which translates into high learning efficiency and very good passing of exams among our students.

During the classes, the following topics are discussed:

  • legal and health and safety requirements for work at height
  • characteristics of mountaineering works and related risks
  • selection, use and control of equipment
  • individual and collective insurance
  • rescue techniques
  • Health and safety when working at height
  • practical exercises

Classes are organized in an open and closed form. We are always at your disposal if you have additional questions related to our classes.

We cordially invite you to a mountaineering course at our ERGON Personnel Training Center!

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