At the ERGON Personnel Training Center, we conduct comprehensive job assessments, also for people with disabilities. In accordance with the European Union regulations and national regulations concerning the provision of safe working conditions for employees, it is also necessary to provide adequate opportunities for people with disabilities - to create a friendly working environment that meets their needs.

We deal with professional evaluation of positions for disabled people on the basis of applicable law, we provide consulting services, thanks to which the position for this type of person in your company will be properly refined depending on the degree of disability.

We carry out, among others, the following activities:

  • we check whether the employee is able to perform a specific job and whether it is not a risk for him
  • we check that the presence of an employee at the workplace does not pose a threat to other employees
  • we define working conditions and the risks associated with them
  • we indicate the equipment and materials that can be used by the employee
  • we indicate tasks as well as their time and frequency that can be performed by an employee
  • we define the limits of working time and work system
  • we define the characteristics of the social and sanitary facilities
  • we estimate the occupational risk for a given position to be occupied by a disabled person

More information on job evaluation for people with disabilities can be obtained from our health and safety specialists.

We cordially invite you to use our services!

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