There is still a shortage of qualified construction machinery operators on the labour market. The construction industry is growing all the time. Construction machinery is a piece of equipment used in many jobs, including work at heights. Training courses for operators of these machines are dedicated to employees already employed as operators, employees of construction companies and anyone who wants to gain new professional experience in this field. You can successfully acquire the necessary skills after training with our company!

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 Requirements for undertaking the course

As far as the formal requirements for course participants are concerned - there are few of them and they are relatively easy to meet.

All you need is to be at least 18 years old, have at least an elementary school education and have no contraindications to do this job!

Who is the target audience for our training?

Practically everyone! The training is a great way not only for young people,n but also for those who would like to change jobs, are currently looking for work or want to renew their knowledge! And even, for anyone looking for a job abroad, as they are also looking for construction machinery operators there. The qualifications obtained in Poland are also respected in all EU countries. So this offer is for those who are looking for employment in the construction industry and on building sites.

What is our objective?

construction site with excavator in operationFirst and foremost, professional qualifications for our course participants! Acquiring these is very important, for anyone who wants to operate construction machinery. We care about the quality of the training and the efficiency, and we want the participants of our courses to be able to find a job easily. Our trainers will impart the required knowledge in a simple and accessible way. This will ensure that you are reliably prepared for the exam.

How do we teach?

We focus on ensuring that our courses deliver knowledge in a non-trivial and activating way. The combination of practice and theory produces reliable results and this is what we focus on in our training courses. Our competent trainers will ensure that the courses are of the highest quality and not boring!

What about the exam? 

We already explain!

The UDT exam is divided into two parts - theoretical and written. You will first take the theoretical exam, which is conducted in the form of a written test under the supervision of a committee. The practical part of the exam takes place in a designated place under the supervision of a special commission. The examiners check your skills in operating the machine and also enforce compliance with health and safety rules.

If you are dreading the exam and repeating for it, we have a way! With continuous access to our platform, where you will find all the necessary study materials to help you prepare for the exam. Our trainees seamlessly pass the exam with almost 100 percent!

Construction rollers

You will be trained in construction rollers, so that you become an operator and can use them on site. You will be qualified as a construction machinery operator in terms of your Class III qualification. This will open up a whole host of opportunities in the job market for you, as it is an additional skill.

If you want to become a construction roller operator, it is necessary to know the construction and correct operation of this machine, and you also need to be able to take care of safe working conditions. Everything you need to work will be covered in our training course.

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You will receive a state licence which also entitles you to work as an assembler. An assembler must be able to use technical documentation on the different types and kinds of scaffolding, be able to organise the workplace and all the activities in connection with the duties undertaken. He or she must also know how to erect and dismantle scaffolding in all kinds of conditions and be familiar with health and safety rules. You will learn all this in the scaffolding classes on our combined course.


With classes dedicated to excavators, you will gain knowledge of how to work excavators, their construction, how to inspect and maintain the quality of these machines, as well as learning about health and safety rules. Excavator operators are in demand in the job market, and with additional qualifications in the form of scaffolding and rollers, you will become a desirable employee who can choose your dream job.

We invite you to make use of our services! 

Call us to find out more about your training date. Training prices are dependent on the number of participants! We will adapt to your needs! 

Course:Training as a construction machinery operator.
Examination:The examination takes place in two stages, consisting of a theoretical and a practical form.
Price list:Call us to find out more about your training date. Take a look at the ERGON website!

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