The ERGON training centre has been persistently training future operators of handling equipment for years. Future trainees can count on the full commitment of our instructors to efficiently instil the necessary knowledge. We will guide you through the entire course, right up to assisting you during the examination process. Thousands of trained trainees are proof of the high effectiveness of our training methods. 


Over the many years we have been on the market, we have managed to develop comprehensive courses for operators and maintainers of railway cranes and on railway vehicles. The training is divided into theoretical and practical parts. Both parts are carried out at our training centre, of which the theory can be completed through online lectures. We have a wide range of machinery at the trainees' disposal. The instructors at ERGON will familiarise you with the construction of the machine and its safe operation. We will help you to successfully acquire all qualifications related to the examination process of the Technical Inspection Authority.  

The theoretical part will include: 

  • familiarisation with health and safety regulations, 
  • learning about the construction of the chosen machine, 
  • maintenance of the required documentation. 

The practical part includes: 

  • teaching the machine and its operation, 
  • learning how to drive and navigate the machine on the manoeuvring area, 
  • carrying out exercises prescribed by the instructors. 


worker at work with crane

The UDT exam is divided into two parts. A theoretical part and a practical part. The theory part consists of a written test with 15 closed, single-choice questions. Correct answers to 11 of these guarantee a pass in the test. The practical test, on the other hand, consists of tasks on the manoeuvring area - demonstrating the ability to move and use the machine. The entire process is supervised by an examination board from the Office of Technical Inspection. A positive result of the examination process guarantees the certification of the operator of the chosen machine.  

Validity of allowances

UDT certificates are recognised in Poland and throughout the European Union. Certificates are valid for 3-5 years, depending on the type of machine. They must be renewed regularly, 3 months before the expiry date. 

What conditions must the trainee meet?

To take the courses as well as the exam itself you must: 

  • be at least 18 years old, 
  • demonstrate that there are no contraindications to exercising the profession, 
  • have at least a basic education. 

What are railway cranes on railway vehicles?

operation of railway crane

Railway cranes are specific railway vehicles used to move loads vertically and horizontally. They are most commonly used for repair, loading and construction work. They can also find use in the recovery of railway accidents. These machines mostly have their own propulsion system, which allows them to move around the site, at low speeds. The most commonly used drive is the diesel locomotive. 

Other drives include: 

  • manual,  
  • combustion, 
  • diesel-electric. 

Classification of cranes

Cranes are classified by the location of the slewing mechanism, the types of base, the types of mounting and boom and the capacity limitation. There are cranes available: 

  • Rail, 
  • stationary, 
  • mobile, 
  • portable,  
  • self-propelled, 
  • rail. 

Remuneration of railway crane operators

The salaries of crane operators for 2022, are at the level of PLN 5-6 thousand gross. However, these amounts still depend on the type of machine or the employee's experience. For example, an experienced crane operator can expect to earn between PLN 7-8 thousand gross. These amounts increase threefold abroad. 

Well-known crane manufacturers 

At our centre we have equipment from companies such as: 

  • Graco, 
  • Palfinger, 
  • Copma, 
  • Fassi, 
  • HMF, 
  • Hiab. 

Where do we train?

The courses are held in our Warsaw headquarters. Both parts of the courses can be held there, but if the trainee decides to learn online, he/she can complete the theoretical part remotely. Depending on the number of future operators, we offer training courses in groups and individually. 

Other courses at our centre

In addition to the operator course for railway cranes, we additionally offer: 

  • courses Fire
  • pre-medical first aid courses, 
  • ADR courses, 
  • car diagnostic course, 
  • hook signaller course, 
  • crane operator course and TDT filling machine operator course, 
  • courses on mobile platforms
  • courses for telehandlers, 
  • HDS courses, 
  • forklift truck courses, 
  • air courses, 
  • forklift truck courses, 
  • health and safety courses.  

Questions and Answers

Where is ERGON's headquarters?

ERGON's head office is in Warsaw, but we also have branches in other major Polish cities.

Where are the entitlements granted by the UDT honoured?

Authorisations from the Office of Technical Inspection are accepted within Poland and throughout the European Union. 

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