Get a forklift operator license with ERGON


ERGON Personnel Training Center invites everyone to participate in training in the field of forklift operation. ERGON is a great place to gain new qualifications and qualifications.

Is this course for you?

The only requirements we will put in front of you are eighteen years of age, minimum basic education and no health contraindications for work. The training is therefore for everyone who meets these three conditions. Whether you have any knowledge in this field or not, it is only information for us that allows us to adapt the course program to you.

We also conduct trainings for organized groups, e.g. employees of your company.

Forklifts - what are they?

These are lifting devices used to move loads weighing up to several dozen tons, both horizontally and vertically at various heights. Forklifts are more precisely called forklift trucks.

There are many types of forklifts, grouped according to their features. The main division according to the Polish standard "PN-77 / M-78100" is as follows:

Type of driveFunctionsThe way of control
  • combustion
  • gas
  • electric
  • side
  • lifting gear
  • off-road
  • torsion
  • high bay
  • systemic
  • suspended
  • omni-directional
  • containerized
  • anti-explosive
  • carried out
  • landing
  • equipped with an armchair
  • remote control

Where are forklifts used? Operator's job prospects

These devices are used in many industries. They are mainly used in warehouses, ports or factories. To put it simply: wherever the goods need to be unloaded. Therefore, the prospect of a forklift truck operator with UDT qualifications is huge. Thanks to the development of industry and trade (including in the e-commerce industry), the number of warehouses and halls is constantly growing, and with it the demand for operators of such devices. Currently, every warehouse with a large area should be equipped with them. Not because of the legal requirements, but because of the benefits it brings. Working in a warehouse with a forklift allows you to move a heavy load in a quick and simple way, and only one person is needed for this. Their functionality makes them irreplaceable nowadays.

Training program

The ERGON Personnel Training Center focuses on both practical and theoretical knowledge. The training program is structured in terms of the final exam as well as future work. We make sure that the trainee learns about its functions and operation, as well as trains the operation of the vehicle.

During the training, we cover such issues as:

  • types and construction of devices
  • operator activities before and after work
  • operator actions during work
  • information on transporting loads
  • technical supervision
  • rules for replacing gas cylinders
  • practical exercises

ERGON has a maneuvering area and the necessary equipment at its headquarters. During the classes, the instructors carefully cover all the issues of the program. Our staff consists of trainers with extensive knowledge and experience. Their goal is to pass this knowledge on in such a way that it is understandable.

What is the price of the training and what does it consist of?

The prices offered by the ERGON Personnel Training Center are adequate to the scope of the program and the benefits that the student receives. They are presented individually during registration. The price of the course includes:

  • A certain number of hours of practical and theoretical classes
  • Access to an online platform with training scripts and other materials, such as instructional videos and sample tests
  • Issue of a certificate in the form of a photo card that may entitle you to work in certain countries
  • Equipment needed during practical classes

Where do we organize trainings and how to sign up for them?

Our centers are located all over Poland, with the main branch in Warsaw. We also offer transport to the customer throughout Poland, in the case of training for organized groups.

We hope that the information provided is sufficient for you, but if you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. The forklift operator training course conducted by ERGON is an excellent investment for the future. The training does not take long, and thanks to us you will have the opportunity to take the exam, after which you will get it UDT qualifications. We can boast about the high passing rate of our students, and 98% of them recommends ERGON. We invite!

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