Training objectives 

The aim of the training course is to reliably prepare trainees for the UDT state examination in order to obtain the operator/maintainer's licence for tower and high-speed cranes. We train future operators/maintainers to work efficiently and effectively on high-speed and tower cranes. We will do our best to guide you through the examination process, culminating in a successful outcome and the receipt of your UDT licence. 

Training of operators and maintainers of tower and high-speed cranes

With more than a decade of presence on the market in the field of operator training, we have developed a comprehensive course for operators/maintainers of tower and high-speed cranes. We divide it analogously to the state exam, into a theoretical part and a practical part, so that the trainees can get used to this mode of examination. In the theoretical and practical parts, we will cover topics from: 

  • comply with health and safety regulations, 
  • construction and design of tower and high-speed cranes, 
  • rules for the correct operation of the appliance, 
  • maintenance of technical records and the maintenance book, 
  • how to operate the device safely, 
  • how to navigate the machine on the manoeuvring area. 

UDT exam - operator/maintenance of tower and high-speed cranes 

tower crane operator while working on a construction site

The Office of Technical Inspection organises a state examination where you can become qualified as a tower and high-speed crane operator and maintainer. To do this, one has to take the examination process, which consists of two parts. In the theoretical part, the trainee must write a written test, with closed single-choice questions. There are 15 questions, the correct answer to 11 of them qualifies the student to pass the test. The questions test knowledge of the construction of the equipment, maintenance of technical supervision and documentation, and adherence to health and safety rules. In the practical part, the trainee has to perform tasks assigned by the examiners, on the manoeuvring area. This verifies technical and manual skills in driving and operating the machine, in an effective and safe manner. 

Validity of UDT certificates 

After taking the examinations and passing the course, the trainee can apply for the UDT certificate. This entitles the holder to work as an operator and maintainer of tower and high-speed cranes. The Office of Technical Inspection issues these certificates for a period of 3-5 years. They must be renewed regularly. This document is recognised throughout the European Union. 

Prerequisites for a future tower and high-speed crane operator/maintainer

Students wishing to take the course must meet several conditions, including: 

  • be of legal age, 
  • demonstrate that there are no medical contraindications to taking part in the training, 
  • have a minimum of primary education, 
  • have a valid certificate permitting work at height. 

Remuneration of operators/maintenance of tower and high-speed cranes 

Salaries for experienced operators/maintenance workers are in the range of PLN 5-6,000 gross per month, while novices can expect to be paid from PLN 3-4,000 gross per month. Of course, salaries for these workers abroad are several times higher. 

Where do we train?

trainer who gives lectures to trainees

We conduct all courses at our centre in Warsaw. In addition, we have an offer to conduct courses with travel to the client. We also train groups. 

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Questions and Answers

Who issues maintenance and operator licences for tower and high-speed cranes?

The issuing of these authorisations is handled by the Office of Technical Inspection. 

Should maintenance and operator qualifications for tower and high-speed cranes be renewed?

Yes, they must be renewed regularly, three months before the date written on the document expires. 

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