In the event of an accident at work, it is necessary to carry out an accident investigation. In our Center, we provide you with comprehensive support in this field, and our specialists will ensure that the work is carried out in accordance with the current health and safety regulations.

According to the regulations, including art. 3.section 1. of the Act of 30 October 2002 on social insurance, accidents at work, we define an accident that is related to the employee's performance of the employer's instructions - everyday activities or when the employee is at the disposal of his superiors on the way between the company's seat and the place work related to the position held.

The post-accident investigation includes the following activities:

  • qualifying the event in accordance with the regulations - indication of whether the accident is related to work, is treated on a par with an accident at work, is an accident on the way to work or from work, an accident involving accident insurance or an accident at agricultural work
  • establishing the circumstances of the causes of the accident, which are necessary for compensation benefits
  • determining conclusions and preventive measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of similar accidents at the workplace in the future

We provide you with full assistance, which includes all the necessary steps described above. We provide post-accident documentation to employers and relevant authorities. With us, the procedure will always be carried out in a timely and correct manner.

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