we invite you to ERGON Personnel Training Center for a professional course in the operation of compressors, blowers, nozzles, compressors and compressed air installations. The training offered by ERGON is devoted to all aspects of the use and supervision of compressors and other similar devices. Our tutors have appropriate qualifications and put special emphasis on practical skills. We have been sharing our knowledge and experience in the field of fiber optic technologies for over twenty years.

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Benefits of having a compressor license

Many tools and construction machinery work with high-pressure air. The devices used in the industry have a power of over 20kW, and their operation requires a license issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. The same applies to the operation of compressed air and technical gases installations. Although there is no qualification required to use an air gun, it does require knowledge of safety. Taking advantage of ERGON's compressor training course will make your job search easier.

Large enterprises and plants use complex systems connected with one or two pressure vessels. The operation of such a network requires skills and professional preparation to work in this position.

A constant supply of compressed air without the risk of power fluctuations in the system is especially suitable for production lines. Compressors are also found in car workshops - professionals with appropriate qualifications and skills are needed everywhere.

The compressor course ends with an examination before the committee of the Office of Technical Inspection, and obtaining a positive result guarantees obtaining qualifications, which are valid for 5 years.

The ability to use and supervise compressors, blowers, suction cups, compressors and compressed air installations will allow you to work, among others, in:

  • gas industry and gas transport;
  • metallurgy;
  • plants dealing with technological processes in the field of industrial chemistry;
  • mining;
  • refrigeration industry;
  • companies using forced circulation equipment;
  • industries using artificial draft processes in boiler equipment and chimney coolers;
  • pneumatic transport;
  • companies dealing with professional pressure painting.

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Compressor classification

The task of the compressor is to increase the air or gas pressure and to improve its flow. They can be classified according to various parameters.

Division due to:TypeCharacteristics
constructionscentrifugal compressorsincrease air pressure
rotary screw compressorscompression is accomplished by two rotors
reciprocating compressorsthe device draws in air, the piston reduces its volume and increases the pressure
compression ratioblowers


mobile compressorsmay be towed or transported by a vehicle
stationary compressors
type of driveelectric
type of compressed mediumgas


Class offer

Our training is dedicated to people who want to learn the basics of compressor operation and to those who want to deepen the practical knowledge they have acquired over the years. We provide familiarization with the industry from the practical side. The course at the Operator Training Center guarantees:

  • familiarizing students with the construction of compressors, blowers, suction nozzles, compressors and compressed air installations;
  • preparing employees to work independently with devices of this type;
  • basic problems training for a given type of compressor;
  • familiarization with the most common faults.

The training program assumes acquiring knowledge in the field of devices for automatic air regulation, methods of regulating the efficiency of compressors and the most important parameters of compressors, blowers and suction cups. In addition, trainees learn how to start and stop various types of compressors. Students will also learn about the legal acts relating to operation and supervision.


Qualifications gained

A positive result of the state examination enables the graduate of the training to:

  • employment in the operation, inspection and maintenance of pumps and compressors as well as compressed air installations,
  • obtaining rights in the following categories:
    • "E" - operation of pumps, compressors and compressed air,
    • "D" - supervision over the operation of pumps and compressors.


Place of training

Compressor training takes place in our branches throughout the country. We also offer closed training for organized groups - then we reach the client.

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Completion of the training organized by us allows you to gain the necessary knowledge for independent and safe driving of a forklift truck. The course we offer provides theoretical and practical preparation for work in the profession. During the training, we focus on the comprehensive improvement of the qualifications of our students. We have over twenty years of experience, during this time we have trained thousands of people.

If you have any questions regarding our offer, please contact us - our employees will be happy to help you clarify any doubts. We encourage you to choose our services!
The team of the ERGON Personnel Training Center

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