Advantages of working as an operator of mobile platforms.

We are a training centre that organises a professional course for the operator of mobile platforms. You are cordially invited to find out more about our training.  

Have you ever thought about changing your career or broadening your qualifications? Operator of mobile platforms is one of the most popular and valued professions on the labour market. Get certified as a platform operator. With us, you have the opportunity to learn everything from scratch or improve your skills in operating mobile platforms. Our course will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of how to operate mobile platforms and safety in the profession.  

Training program 

During the classes at our centre, topics such as: 

  • operator responsibilities, 
  • technical documentation of the platform, 
  • health and safety rules, 
  • operating manual, 
  • the static nature of mobile platforms, 
  • safety devices, 
  • construction and division of mobile platforms. 

With our training, no issues related to mobile platforms will be a problem for you. We will make sure that you complete the course satisfied and confident in your knowledge and skills. Our instructors take an individual approach to each student and their friendly approach will make it easier for you to learn. 

UDT authorisation categories for mobile platforms: 

  • stationary mobile platforms, 
  • hanging mobile platforms, 
  • mast climbing work platforms, 
  • mobile platforms, 
  • mobile platforms on railway vehicles. 

What are the requirements to enroll in the course? 

You only need to be at least 18 years of age, have at least an elementary school education and have no medical contraindications to work in a certain position. 

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Will I get a course completion certificate? 

Yes. Your training will culminate in an examination before a commission from the Office of Technical Inspection, through which you will obtain a UDT qualifications

Can i work abroad? 

Yes, UDT qualifications are also valid in the European Union. The documents issued are in Polish, but it is also possible to obtain them in other languages, so you can also work abroad. 

Price of training 

We offer attractive prices and group discounts, which you can check in our price list, by contacting us by phone or by filling in the enquiry form. 

Where is the course taking place? 

We conduct training courses at our main branch in Warsaw and in many other cities in Poland. For closed training sessions we can also travel to you throughout the country. Please contact us for more information. Our experts are always happy to help. We invite you to take a look at our offer.  

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Escalators - brief characteristics 

Mobile platforms are cranes and are included in the construction machinery group. Depending on the type, they consist of a platform suspended or raised by levers that move horizontally and vertically, as well as a boom and chassis. They are most commonly used at height for assembly and construction work. We can divide booms into articulated, telescopic or articulated-telescopic. Mobile platforms have the ability to move, as well as the drive, which results in the ability to move. A distinction can be made between platforms with an electric drive (from a rechargeable battery or from the mains) and those with a combustion engine. During our course, we will teach you how to use them as intended and in accordance with the operating instructions.  

The aerial work platform and the scissor lift are often used for work at heights, including decorating, construction, installation and finishing work. When used for external work, aerial work platforms are most often mounted on vehicle trailers. Their flexibility allows them to be used externally and internally up to several tens of metres. Guaranteed reach into any hard-to-reach work area thanks to a telescope connected to a system of joints, and the ability to move in all directions, even with the basket raised. Heights will not be a problem for anyone due to the possibility of choosing a lift adapted to the height you plan to reach. If extremely heavy building materials, construction elements or tools have to be lifted, it is advisable to use a telehandler or a telescopic handler for this type of work. These devices are used for operating on difficult ground or uneven terrain, using four-wheel drive. It is possible to work where the ground of the platform is very high or at a distance.  

Mast telescopic platforms, on the other hand, are used for indoor work because of their non-marking wheels. Their low weight and compact dimensions make it possible to reach even the most difficult work areas and then lift and move them aside, despite all sorts of obstacles. However, scissor lifts are most commonly used for indoor work due to their tyres and low noise emissions, although they can also be used for outdoor work without problems if the surface is straight and has been previously paved. The greatest advantage is the compact size, which allows easy manoeuvring. Unpaved ground on construction sites only allows diesel and four-wheel drive mobile platforms to work. On hardened ground, it is possible to work with platforms driven by an electric motor. 

If you want to significantly improve work efficiency and enable employees to reach high and hard-to-reach installations, you should consider the course of operating these advanced devices that modern technology has provided us in recent years. Tasks performed with platforms replacing classic ladders and scaffolding allow to obtain the expected results more efficiently, faster and safer. In our center, we will teach you the correct operation of mobile platforms and you will obtain the appropriate qualifications of the Office of Technical Inspection required as an operator. 

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