We specialise in the training of operators, maintainers in the field of machines classified as Material Handling Equipment. The training programme covers a wide range of machines subject to the UDT, such as all loaders, including ship loaders and overhead belt conveyors. We will professionally assist you in acquiring new skills and qualifications.

Training program

The training programme complies with current standards and is also approved by the Office of Technical Inspection. Classes are conducted in theoretical and practical form under the guidance of our specialists. The maintenance course involves preparing the equipment electrically and mechanically to pass an examination before a commission appointed by the Office of Technical Inspection.

Main issues pursued during the training:

  • instructor performs crane repair workgeneral knowledge of the device,
  • device construction and types,
  • causes and types of defects,
  • health and safety regulations,
  • technical documentation,
  • learning about the operation and cleaning of the equipment in question,
  • responsibilities and powers,
  • maintenance plans,
  • repair work.

After completing the training and passing the state examination before a commission appointed by the UDT with a positive result, the trainee is issued with a UDT card for the maintenance technician of the equipment in question. Entitlements are issued indefinitely.

Place of training

Our courses are held at our training centre in Warsaw and we can also provide training in any other city specified by the client. We have a mobile training offer and our staff of trainers will travel to the address indicated by the client.

Who is the training aimed at?

The training courses are designed for people wishing to gain new qualifications or expand their current skills. The training is particularly aimed at operators, mechanics, electricians and technically skilled individuals. The maintenance training course is a great development investment for those wishing to increase their earnings in a company or who want to start their own business. UDT maintenance card

What does a conservator do?

The UDT maintenance profession is required to keep a maintenance log for a particular machine under the Technical Inspection Authority. A piece of material handling equipment, such as a telehandler or a mobile platform, must undergo a maintenance inspection and obtain a decision from the UDT so that the machine can continue to perform its work. A positive declaration allows the machine to operate legally and safely.

Is it worth doing the UDT/UTB maintenance course?

  By taking part in training and courses, we significantly improve our qualifications and skills, which is linked to better earnings at work. The maintenance profession is in high demand in today's labour market. A specialist can carry out work telescopic loader maintenance checkservice, repair and maintenance. Workers with maintenance qualifications are sought after by employers.

We also provide conservation training on:

  • mobile platforms stationary, pendant and mast,
  • mobile and portable cranes,
  • general-purpose cranes, hoists and winches,
  • forklift trucks.

 Conditions for joining the course

According to current legislation, you will certainly need to meet the following conditions in order to take the UDT conservator training course:

  • at least 18 years of age,
  • no medical contraindications,
  • minimum primary education.


Do you have a marine loader maintenance course on offer?

Yes, we have maintenance courses for loaders, including marine loaders, in our training offer.

What kind of education do you need to have in order to undertake UDT maintenance training?

According to current legislation, you need to have at least an elementary education in order to take the UDT conservator training course.

How are classes conducted during the UDT conservator training?

Classes at our centre for the UDT conservator are conducted in theoretical form and later in practical form under the guidance of our specialists.

Is the maintenance profession in demand in today's job market?

Yes, the maintenance profession is now in high demand in today's job market, which is why employers are keen to hire specialists and even send their employees for training.

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