By using boom lifts and scissor lifts, you can easily perform a number of works at heightThis training program was created in accordance with the ISO MEWP 18878: 2013 standards, here where we write about this standard from the standard file and the standards of the OMHEC group. This means it is suitable for people who want to work abroad on land or at sea. The course ends with an exam conducted by accredited instructors, and passing the exam allows you to obtain a certificate needed to work in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Great Britain. Our offer is addressed to both beginners in the profession of operator of aerial work platforms and scissors, as well as experienced people with UDT qualifications.

The place where theoretical and practical classes take place is the seat of the Center in Warsaw. People who are unable to participate in classroom theoretical classes can do them remotely in the form of e-learning.

Possibilities to work with a certificate after training

Receiving the certificate in electronic form gives you the right to work in the countries associated in the OMHEC group, i.e. Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain. OMHEC is an organization that upholds the standards and safety of work at height at sea, hence these powers apply not only onshore, but also, for example, on oil rigs.

A certificate is required for work at a height of more than 2 meters: assembly, maintenance or construction. This offers great employment opportunities. In addition to the aforementioned work on drilling rigs, you can operate basket and scissor lifts (English, commonly used name: boom lifts, scissor lifts) on construction sites, in companies dealing with installation assembly, lighting repairs, building factory and warehouse halls, and even in advertising companies or providing greenery care services.

Participants receive certificates in the form of a plastic card with a photo and / or a certificate in paper form.

  • The certificate is valid for 1-3 years from its issue. The validity period of the card / certificate results, among others, from the form of training, test results, including checking knowledge and skills.

The scissor lift and boom lift abroad may only be operated by a licensed personThe most important information about the course

  • Program of the classes: issues raised by the instructors include, among others, types of lifts and their use, construction of platforms, booms, chassis, safety rules, rules of procedure in case of accidents and failures, methods of stabilizing the increases.
  • Participants: the course may be attended by people with no experience as a lift operator and people with experience and Polish UDT licenses. Depending on the level of advancement, we direct participants to appropriate groups at the registration stage. People who do not have UDT qualifications can take part in our other courses (
  • Duration: The duration of the theoretical part is approximately 8 to 16 hours. In the case of the practical part, the length may be different - it depends on the participant's experience in the use of mobile platforms. The total training time may also vary depending on the type of platform on which the training is organized.
  • Exam: people who want to receive a certificate take the exam organized by our Center at the end of the class. The exam consists of theoretical and practical parts. One approach is included in the course price.
  • Registration method: registration can be made by phone or e-mail, as well as via the website platformedukacji.plon which there are current dates.


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