We issue ergonomic assessments for workplaces. Performing an assessment of this type is the responsibility of the employer, who is responsible for the ergonomics of positions occupied by employees - when the workplace is ergonomic, then employees can perform their tasks easier and faster, and the risk of occupational diseases and accidents at work is additionally reduced.

The following factors are taken into account when assessing work at a position in terms of ergonomic requirements:

  • assessment of physical workload
  • assessment of the employee's mental burden
  • anthropometric evaluation of the workplace
  • evaluation of the placement of control and steering systems
  • assessment of the work environment in terms of microclimate, vibration, noise, hygiene standards

We help employers in implementing ergonomic solutions. For this purpose, we carry out an assessment of the work and its components in order to indicate the optimal procedures for improving ergonomics at various workplaces. During the work, our specialists deal with, among other things, conversations with managers and employees, document work positions and prepare detailed analyzes and assessments. Upon completion of the work, the client receives a special ergonomic program.

We use various methodologies to assess the ergonomic workplace, including:

  • KIM method for manual lifting
  • REBA - Rapid Entire Body Assessment
  • OWAS - Ovako Working Posture Analysis System - a method of static load analysis

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