According to the law, each enterprise is to implement solutions in the field of occupational health and safety in order to provide employees with appropriate working conditions that will not endanger the health and life of employees. To check the current health and safety status of a company, audits are carried out that also cover the condition Fire.

At the ERGON Personnel Training Center, we provide comprehensive health and safety auditing services. We offer two variants of services:

  • Mini control - includes in particular verification of the correctness of guidelines related to occupational health and safety regulations, as well as compliance with them. The inspection consists of an assessment of the general premises of the enterprise as well as an interview with employees
  • Maxi control - covers a wider scope of work and consists in regular visits of our specialists at the workplace. The services also include advice and assistance regarding changes in regulations, if necessary, as well as post-accident audits.

We carry out audits at ERGON in accordance with PN-N-18001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, using several variants of risk analysis methods, including FMEA - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis and HAZOP - Hazard and Operability Study.

Our employees will reach your premises and carry out all the necessary work to check the health and safety condition and, after the audit, will provide relevant documents that summarize the activities performed together with the proposed changes, when they are justified.

We cordially invite you!

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