OSH training must be held by every worker entering physical work. The employer has a duty to train workers in health and safety so that everyone is familiar with the position where they will be working. 

What is health and safety training? 

During health and safety training, we should learn what rules we should follow when performing our work. Training is mandatory for apprentices, new employees and school pupils who will be hired for apprenticeship purposes. 

What types of health and safety courses are there? 

There are two types of courses, they are: 

  • introductory course, 
  • interim course. 
periodic training in occupational health and safety

Interim course is characterised by the fact that the employer must train the newly recruited employee on the first day of work. We learn about general instruction and position. The general annotation is responsible for learning the rules and regulations of the company, while the job annotation is intended to teach us how to perform our assigned duties safely. 

The total instruction of general knowledge should last a minimum of 2 h and cannot be done online. As far as the job-related information is concerned, this is dependent on our knowledge of the place where the work is to be carried out; nevertheless, the duration depends largely on the hazards that may occur during the task. Completion of the introductory course should be followed by a signature which testifies to our knowledge acquired during the training. Such training is valid for 12 months, this differs for those in a managerial position, here the period of duration is only 6 months

Interim course - consists mainly of a reminder of health and safety rules. It conveys knowledge on how to deal with accidents and hazardous situations should they occur. It is intended as a reminder of what the risks are and the methods of dealing with them. 

In the case of manual workers, the duration of the training is up to three years. In the case of dangerous occupations, on the other hand, the course should take place at least once a year.  

Health and safety courses and more 

We are experts in providing courses throughout Poland, having served thousands of participants. In addition to occupational health and safety training, we also offer courses on, among others: 

  • crane operator, 
  • HDS crane maintenance technician, 
  • telescopic loader operator, 
  • mobile platform operator, 
  • crane operator, 
  • tower crane operator. 

We have specialist professionals on our staff who have many years of experience in teaching early career professionals. 

Preparation in terms of health and safety is mandatory and every employer is obliged to train their newly hired manual worker. With the knowledge provided, the risk of a hazard or accident occurring at work can be minimised. Manual workers are directly exposed to risks, which is why it is so important to take the course.  

Questions and Answers

What types of health and safety training are there?

There are two types, they are initial training and periodic training. 

For how long is health and safety training for manual workers valid?

Health and safety training for manual workers is valid for a period of 12 months.  

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