Forklifts are very popular in the warehouse and transport industry. To operate a forklift you have to pass a special operator course. The work is very future-oriented. You can count on a satisfactory salary, both in Poland and abroad.  

To enrol on the course you need to meet the requirements:  

Forklift truck used in orchard
  • no contraindications to work in the position,  
  • at least primary education,  
  • at least eighteen years of age. 

The forklift course covers the following topics: 

  • Technical supervision; 
  • Operator activities; 
  • Gas cylinder replacement; 
  • Types of equipment; 
  • Carriage of cargo news.  

Forklift truck applications 

We also refer to a forklift as a lift truck. With it, you can lift and transport heavy loads. It is popular in warehouse works, ports, factories, warehouses, large-format stores and logistics centers. Forklifts are wheeled motorized vehicles. We can divide them according to the drive, functions and type of steering.  

Due to their intended use, forklifts are divided into: 

  • anti-explosive, 
  • suspended, 
  • systemic, 
  • lifting, 
  • Side. 
ERGON training

The basic function of forklifts is the transport of goods of considerable weight and size over short distances. It can also perform other functions, such as weighing, sorting or lifting people (to put the goods on a higher shelf).  

We also divide forklifts according to the type of drive: 

  • gas, 
  • Electrical, 
  • combustion, 
  • with battery. 

It should be emphasised that the equipment requires regular servicing. Early detection of a fault will avoid costly repairs in the future. It must be acknowledged that a forklift truck is essential equipment for many businesses. Models should be certified and certified. A machine that is used within the European Union must have CE certification. One out of every ten vehicles purchased in the world is a forklift truck, which only proves the popularity of this machine. The demand for forklift operators is growing all the time. It is worth taking advantage of the affordable training at the ERGON Centre for Staff Improvement. The number of warehouses and goods being transported is increasing year on year.