Where to find employment?

Work at height only appears quite simple on the surface. Meanwhile, they require a wide range of expertise, very good physical fitness, as well as knowledge of the regulations associated with working at height. It is worth doing a course on working at height, e.g. in construction access or rope access. Work at height is still popular because you can count on high pay both in Poland and abroad. However, the work requires composure and nerves of steel. Proper belaying is essential. It is important to remember that not everyone can become a so-called industrial climber due to obvious limitations, e.g. fear of heights. Work at height is associated with various renovation, assembly or construction work. Workers at heights work on e.g. bridges, churches, industrial equipment, stadiums, advertising banners. To be classified as working at height, the work must be at least one metre above floor or ground level. Work at height carries considerable risks. A fatal fall may occur, but it can be avoided with appropriate experience. It is necessary to be certified for working at heights and, above all, to have safety training. Stuntmen, fitters, oil rig workers or builders need to be certified. One of the most important factors when working at height is a very good mental and physical condition. A person wishing to work at height must have a doctor's certificate stating that there are no contraindications to this work.

We can include industrial mountaineering among works at heights. It is very important not to work under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances. It is unacceptable and risky. Another risk is the one I wrote about, i.e. fear of heights. When working at height, it is very important to control yourself and, above all, to be resistant to stress. The psyche is essential.

Search for employment

Person after the altitude course will find employment easily. Climbing services are quite often performed on the basis of a contract-mandate. It is worth emphasizing that work at height is popular outside our country. There is still a shortage of hands for work. A person planning a trip can count on accommodation and insurance.