The need for compressed air is greater than you might think, and even though we don't see its widespread use in our daily routine, that doesn't mean it isn't there at all. For example, our bicycle or car tyres are inflated using a suitable air compressor. What's more, we can distinguish their universal use in many industries, as well as households, bulk material transport and technology. They are useful for driving tools, painting, increasing pressure in systems or inflating car tyres. They are also used in pumping natural gas and charging internal combustion engines, for which an industrial compressor is required to fulfil the functions outlined - it requires a specialist qualification. But what exactly is a compressor?

It is an energy machine that increases air or gas pressure. At its core, it is responsible for converting (transforming) energy. This takes place gradually, first by transforming the electrical energy supplied to the motor into kinetic energy - this sets the shaft driving the compressor block in motion, which leads to the actual energy conversion. This results in thermodynamic transformations that "compress" the gas. Throughout the process described above, a considerable amount of heat is generated, which is retained by the corresponding cooling system - preventing the unit from overheating.

Compressor and other equipment.

Types of compressors:

Each device is divided into different types due to the components and types of construction, hence we can divide compressors into positive displacement and flow compressors.

Qualifications and course

In order to obtain the necessary authorisations, it is necessary to pass an examination before an UDT board, which can be taken immediately after completing the relevant course. If you pass, you will obtain the necessary certificates to practice your profession for a period of five years. What do I need to do to extend their validity? Firstly, we submit an application to the UDT we mentioned earlier, which issued the certificates, no later than three months before the expiry date. What is more, a declaration must be submitted that, within the last five years, a minimum of three years have been in a position related to the operation of compressors. The required documents can be sent electronically or by traditional mail.

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