Knowing first aid is not only useful at work when the boss chokes on a piece of apple. It can be far more useful at home, on the street or even when our own health and lives are at risk. First aid is as much about dressing wounds, knowing how to evacuate others as it is about knowing the principles of CPR

Where and how to learn first aid?

In order to improve your knowledge, to feel confident in emergency situations, it is worth going to the first aid course. Contrary to what you might think, such a course is not just about theory taking up a lot of time and an exam at the end. The first aid course consists of a theoretical part and a practical part, where we can practice artificial respiration, CPR or putting an injured person in a safe position. Don't hesitate, definitely check it out and feel safe anytime and anywhere.

Let's remember that our skills can save someone's life, even in a situation where we least expect it.

What is first aid Who we are?

For years, our company has been involved in providing training of all kinds, not only in first aid. We are characterised above all by reliability, passion and flexibility! The first aid course is one of the most popular courses in our company. And why? We hasten to answer...

Professional training - what and how?

In addition to individual training, we also provide professional training for employees! The classes contain a lot of theory, but also practical exercises to help you master a difficult situation. The brief range of topics presented in the table below should make things clearer

Theoretical part:The practical part:
Legal issues in the area presentedOrganisation of evacuation with selection of casualties
Information on emergency numbers and correct notification of emergency servicesPractice positioning the casualty in a safe position
Principles of evacuation of injured personsPractice CPR on a manikin
Management of injuries such as burns, frostbite, fractures, foreign bodies in wounds, bleeding, head, chest or abdominal injuriesAssistance in the following situations: traffic accidents, electrocution or lightning, drowning, choking, epilepsy, fainting, spinal injuries and others
Management of life and health emergencies: poisoning, choking, epilepsy attack, lightning or electric shock, fainting, heart attack
Checking vital signs of casualties
Principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation in adults and children - performing cardiac massage and artificial respiration

This is exactly what you can learn by taking our first aid course, and much, much more!

Our courses are distinguished by their flexibility. We can easily adapt the training programme to the individual needs of the client, of course adding topics of interest for individual positions in the company. There is something for everyone, learning about the dangers of the workplace and all the solutions to avoid unnecessary stress.

The form of first aid training can be open or closed. What is the difference? Such that the open form is for everyone. You just need to be interested in the subject and want to improve your knowledge and skills. On the other hand, the closed form is only for organised groups that have been referred to training by an employer or institution.

Where and how to learn first aid

Where can you find us?

First aid courses are in our regular offer. On the website you will find a list of new, free course dates for each city depending on your preferences. We are available in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice and Bielsko-Biala. We have a wide range of equipment! Modern classrooms, resuscitation manikins and all other accessories to make your training even more effective.

Known for our flexibility, we guarantee travel anywhere in Poland for a closed course! If you really want to, everything can be organised! Price is agreed individually (and we respect and like giving discounts), and the day and time of the class is entirely up to you. You are welcome to contact us and fill in the application form.

Trust us and don't delay, we will train you in first aid so that you feel safe and ready no matter what situation you find yourself in! Once you have completed our course, you will always have a band-aid patch with you 🙂 .