photo of the UTD deviceThe Office of Technical Inspection (also known as the UDT) is a body that was established to secure the operation of all technical installations and equipment, which by law are subject to technical supervision. The UDT carries out both UDT-CERT certification and UDT Academy training activities. Technical supervision is a set of procedures, which are defined by the provisions of the Act on Technical Supervision, to ensure the safe use and operation of technical and fuel vapour recovery equipment. Technical supervision is carried out by entities such as the Transport Technical Supervision; the Office of Technical Supervision and the Military Technical Supervision. The equipment that is subject to technical supervision is mainly equipment that poses a risk, in which: the spread of hazardous materials during transport or storage, the release of potential or kinetic energy during the movement of loads or people, and the expansion of gases under pressure. The list of equipment subject to technical supervision includes all of the following handling equipment such as overhead cranes, passenger cranes, cranes, etc.

The scope of UDT activities

The Office of Technical Inspection deals with all kinds of matters related to the exercise of technical supervision. Pursuant to Art. 37 of the Act on technical devices, the main activities of UDT include: supervision and control of compliance with the provisions on technical inspection; technical supervision over technical devices; staff training; issuing decisions related to the performance of technical inspection; records of operated devices; certification of quality systems; cooperation with Polish and foreign institutions in the field of harmonization of regulations and with specialized technical supervision units; establishing training programs for people operating technical devices; checking the qualifications of people who operate, manufacture, repair or test technical devices; carrying out the analysis of the causes and effects of failures and the assessment of the degree of risk to technical devices.

UDT qualifications

UDT qualifications these are the qualifications of persons involved in the operation or maintenance of devices subject to technical supervision, in particular handling devices. The certificate of qualifications is issued by the Office of Technical Inspection. Its task is to confirm the knowledge of technical inspection specifications, the required regulations and standards as well as the ability to perform activities related to the operation or maintenance of devices in practice. Anyone who wants to obtain a license to practice a profession that requires a UDT certificate must undergo appropriate training and pass the UDT exam. The qualification certificate is issued on the basis of a positive result of the state examination passed before the UDT commission. This exam tests theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills related to the operation of a selected handling device. In order to be admitted to the exam, you must submit an appropriate application for checking the qualifications necessary for the operation and maintenance of technical devices. The qualification examination is payable. Qualifications are checked in accordance with the Act of December 21, 2000 on technical inspection and the Regulation of the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology of May 21, 2019 on the method and procedure for checking qualifications required for the operation and maintenance of technical devices.