If you are looking for a job, the smoker course is for you! There is a shortage of specialists on the market and they are in urgent demand. If you complete our course, you will find yourself in the job market without any problems. CH systems are often complex machines that heat various buildings, such as schools, office buildings, etc., with outputs of over 50 kW. When you want to operate these machines, it is necessary to undergo the appropriate training and pass the relevant examination. It is then possible to become qualified. Therefore, if you want to become certified, do it with ERGON! Grow with us and broaden your qualifications.

Who is a boiler stoker?

A boiler smoker will find employment in many public facilities such as schools or hospitals and many other public places.

It is important to remember that the work of a welder is extremely responsible and requires the right qualifications, which you can acquire with us.

Requirements to undertake the course:

The requirements are not many, they are relatively simple to meet. It is sufficient that

  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You have no health contraindications
  • You have at least primary education

Why are health checks important and necessary?

Such work is physical work in which health and fitness are important. Hence the requirement for a medical certificate. During the examination, the doctor will check the state of your eyesight, hearing, smell, physical condition. High fitness and manual dexterity will be important to him. The job of a smoker is loaded with responsibility and fitness is a necessity in this job.

Why is training so important?

In principle, we have already answered this question. The work of a CO stoker involves risks and the stoker takes responsibility. Thus, the smoker's skills are responsible for the proper operation of the CO system and are responsible for the lives of the people in the building.

What is our objective?

Above all, we hope that our students will gain professional qualifications! Obtaining these is very important for those who want to operate boilers and cookers.

During our training courses, we place emphasis on the effectiveness of learning. We are committed to ensuring that participants can easily find work and fulfil themselves professionally. Our instructors are professionals who impart knowledge in an accessible manner. Some of the assignments take place on our platform, where we provide course materials. Our course will prepare you for the exam. You will gain a qualification that will enable you to carry out operational activities in the areas of service, maintenance, repair and assembly work on heating equipment, installations and networks. We emphasise that the knowledge you will acquire at ERGON is of the highest standard. We value the satisfaction of our trainees.

What will you learn on our course?

At ERGON, we focus on the quality of education and the active participation of the trainees. in the classroom Our qualified lecturers will take care of your learning so that the knowledge you acquire stays with you for a long time and proves its worth at work... On the course you will acquire knowledge in the following areas:

  • Legislation, particularly that on technical supervision,
  • How to organise work,
  • What your responsibilities will be,
  • Thermal technology news,
  • What is the scheme of the CO boiler room,
  • The topic of water in thermal management,
  • Steam and water boilers.

What does the examination look like?

The exam consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. Classes at the ERGON Centre are designed in such a way that each of the trainees scores favourably on the exam and receives a certificate. A positive result guarantees a certificate which is recognised not only in Poland, but also in the EU.

It is worth remembering that if you are taking the exam you need to bring the most essential items with you! Don't forget your identity card, work clothes and appropriate personal protective equipment!

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Course price:

At ERGON, we do not have a fixed price list. To find out about costs contact usand we will dispel your doubts. Why don't we have a price list? Because the cost depends on the number of students in the group. We are renowned for our affordable costs, and our students cite this as one of the main advantages in their choice of our centre.

Where do we operate?

Our head office is in Warsaw, but we have a number of centres throughout Poland. In addition, we can also travel to you on request. Call us to arrange the details.

Call us to arrange a training date!

Course name:Stoker of boilers and central heating cookers.
 Examination:The examination consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. After successfully passing the exam, the course participant receives a new professional qualification!
 Price list:At ERGON we do not have a fixed price list. For an individual quotation, please contact us and visit our website.

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