ERGON conducts courses in the field of materials handling equipment (UTB). Among others, we train operators, maintainers and other specialists. We have the necessary knowledge and staff of specialists to conduct training courses throughout Poland. 

We offer training courses for maintainers of powered lift trucks: lift trucks excluding specialised ones.  

UTB maintenance training 

Classes at our centre are conducted in both theoretical and practical form, and the training programme complies with the requirements of the Office of Technical Inspection. During forklift maintenance training, the trainee will learn about electrics, mechanisation and maintenance plans.  

The training programme includes topics such as: 

  • Technical documentation - discussion of equipment documentation and manuals;
  • construction of forklift trucks - familiarisation with the hydraulic and brake system, electrical installation and drive; 
  • principles for cleaning and repairing equipment - carrying out repairs;  
  • maintenance plans - execution of repair and maintenance action plans;
  • health and safety rules; 
  • maintenance checks - locating the fault and rectifying it; 
  • Duties and entitlements - a discussion of the current duties and entitlements of the position of forklift truck maintainer;  
  • Maintenance book - familiarisation with maintenance and operation. 
group of trainees in the hall

Examination and certificate 

After completing the training at our centre, the trainee takes an internal exam and then passes it before a commission appointed by the UDT. A positive test result gives the participant an UDT qualification certificate, which is valid indefinitely. The document confirms the participant's knowledge of the technical conditions of the UDT, the applicable legislation, as well as practical skills in the operation of the maintenance of lift trucks.  

What does a forklift maintainer do? 

The maintenance profession is not an easy one and carries a lot of responsibility. The main task of the specialist is to repair the equipment, with particular responsibility for verifying the technical condition and also supervising the equipment in question. He or she is also responsible for preparing the equipment for acceptance by the Office of Technical Inspection. Every action performed on the equipment should be recorded and described in detail in the maintenance logbook.  

The basic review consists of, among other things: 

  • verification of the general technical condition of the equipment,
  • carrying out a lighting survey, 
  • checking for wear and tear on fittings. 

Purpose of the training 

inspection of the forklift truck

The aim of the course is to prepare the participant for the qualification of a mechanically-powered forklift truck maintainer. Our staff of specialists, will help you to obtain the required qualifications. Our training centre has a very high pass rate. 

Who is the training aimed at? 

The training is aimed at anyone wishing to improve their professional qualifications. We particularly encourage forklift operators, electricians, mechanics and enthusiasts of all kinds of repairs. You don't need any special training to become a specialist, just enrol on our vocational course.  

Conditions of entry to training: 

  • at least 18 years of age,
  • at least primary education, 
  • a certificate from the occupational physician indicating that there are no medical contraindications to exercise the profession. 

Other professional courses: 

  • backhoe loader operator course, 
  • scaffolding maintenance course,
  • crane maintenance course. 

Questions and Answers

For what period of time is a lift truck maintainer's qualification certificate issued?

The qualification certificate for UDT forklift maintainer, is issued indefinitely. 

Do you need to have a mechanical engineering degree to become a lift truck maintainer?

No, you only need an elementary education to take the forklift truck maintenance training course. 

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