Nowadays it is difficult to imagine building an office building or even a single-family house without the use of a crane, excavator or loader. In this article, you will learn which types of construction machines are used for each job on a construction site.


Classification of construction machines

Construction machines can be classified taking into account various aspects, e.g. drive or control method, but the simplest and most legible presentation of them according to the type of work performed. In this way, we can distinguish:

Equipment for earthworks - these include loaders, excavators and backhoe loaders, bulldozers, excavators are primarily used to detach the excavated material from the ground and transfer it to a landfill, or as a means of transport. They are used not only for earthworks, but also in transport and mining.

construction equipment in operation

Ground leveling machines are bulldozers, rippers, graders, compactors and rollers for leveling and excavation. An important element of the bulldozer are various types of blades, rippers and winches. The task of the graders is to profile the ground. The roller with the compactor are used for compacting soil or surface mass in the construction of roads, pavements, etc. The above-mentioned devices are made of a tractor, which gives them speed and power, and working equipment supported by hydraulic cylinders.

Machines for processing aggregate - in the construction industry, natural or artificial aggregates are widely used, e.g. for the production of concrete, road building or mortar. The most common machines for this type of work are jaw crushers, cone crushers, roller crushers and impact crushers.

Concrete transport - Concrete plays a key role on the construction site, so it must never be missing. In order to safely transport the concrete mix, various types of concrete mixers, concrete mixers and tippers are used.

Reinforcement devices - this name covers devices for cutting reinforcing bars, the main features of which must be incredible strength and durability. They are used in the production of reinforcement, so another important feature is the precision of measurements of the cut bars.

Construction transport vehicles - known to us trucks, tractors with semi-trailers or trailers, car dump trucks and tracked tractors for off-road transport.

Devices for finishing works - in this group we can distinguish devices for painting and plastering, machines for installation works or pouring and leveling the floor.

Auxiliary machines - an example of such an indispensable device on a construction site that helps to improve work, we include a power generator. Other auxiliary machines are heating tools, compressors, heating units, formwork, scaffolding, etc.


Construction equipment operators

The above-mentioned machines and devices help to improve and significantly accelerate the construction works. However, it is worth remembering that their operators should have the necessary knowledge and authorization for their safe and proper use.